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August 3, 2012

Balmoral Hotel

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The Fringe and Festival are upon us again!
My first event will be visiting Coburg Studios this evening for the ‘friends & family’ evening of their weekend-long Open Studios. 70-ish artists all showing off their work, including Madeleine.
After that, who knows!

Earlier last month, though, we managed out to the zoo, saw the effects of the Water of Leith flooding down at Stockbridge, the (barely constrained) flooding at Haddington (sadly, one place we might have eaten had been flooded and was closed) and celebrated yet another Prehistoric Creatures Day (the 3rd this year!)
We also went along to the Playhouse and saw the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live, which was great fun! It was the final night of their tour and the Voice of the Book was played by Neil Gaiman, sitting to the rear of the stage in a comfy armchair! Geat fun, with loads of the iconic lines and scenes, with a scattering of dressing gowns being worn in the audience – some with their towels with them… And, for once, the programme seems to be good value! Packed with HHGG stuff.
And a couple of weeks later we took part in an honest-to-goodness Olympic Cultural Festival event – All the Bells, which involved lots of bell-ringing quite early in the morning (early for me, at least!)
It was the Friday morning of the Olympic opening bash, so although it was all over the daytime news, it was completely swamped and dropped from the news by early evening. Anyway, a couple of hundred of us turned up at the Scotsman Steps with our bells and filled the staircase completely and, at 08.12 were given the signal to wring them madly for 3 minutes… Similar things were going on all over Britain.
Good fun, and we got a free breakfast out of it at the Fruitmarket Gallery who helped organise the Edinburgh event. The picture above is the view from the steps across to the Balmoral Hotel.

Since Chariots of Fire I think we’ve only seen one film, but it was v. good! It was a low budget French comedy called The Fairy, in which a barefoot woman turns up at a small hotel and apparently grants the nightporter 3 wishes!
He can only think of 2 wishes to ask for but falls in love with Fiona the fairy.
She suddenly disappears and he has to find her! Whimsical, slapstick, magic realist, sight gags; small scale but great fun!

And now it’s a month of festivals, street food and fun! Unless I’m at home reading the entire K-Tract Trilogy by M. John Harrison! I bought part one, Light, 10 years ago but didn’t read it, so I couldn’t read Nova Swing when it came out 4 years ater but now Empty Space is out I’ve finally decided to read it right through!
Before I started it, I read Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce, which was excellent! How would someone be treated after having disappeared for 20 years? And still looked just the same age as back then? Especially by her ex-boyfriend, whom the police were sure had killed her!



April 14, 2012

All sorts of stuff been going on recently… the only film we’ve been to see since Eternity and a Day is the somewhat different Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists! It’s an animated film (by Aardman) based on books by Gideon Defoe, who also wrote the script.
It’s great fun, a mash-up of history, from tradional pirates through to the steam age and Queen Victoria. The pirates desparately want to win the Pirate of the Year competition and when the bump into Charles Darwin, they see their big chance! But the Queen hates pirates!
Of course it all goes horribly wrong but comes out good in the end!

For live music we went to see Tinariwen again, a Tourag rock group, at the Queen’s Hall. Good support duo, and a great performance from Tinariwen. The main drawback was that our last-minute seats ‘with clear sightlines’ were no such thing. For maybe a 1/3rd of the gig our main view was of people standing or dancing right in front of us. Grrr! Eventually an usher arrived to try to keep the dancers to one side but it was a losing battle as people kept ignoring her. Good gig, but marks off for that and it’s the cheap seats for us in future.
And then a couple of nights ago there was Dave Alvin at the Arches across in Glasgow.
The support wasn’t that great (one bloke without the rest of his band) but Dave Alvin and the Guilty Ones more than made up for that! Tight four-piece band playing great r&b with rock and country overtones. They even slid into definite boogie territory briefly once or twice! Great show, performed in a tunnel-like vault under the railway tracks.
Two problems were the beer prices and the very dodgy seating we were directed to in the dark. It damned near collapsed as we sat down. Quite scary, esp. for M., who sat down first. Also wish more of the audience had been young enough to dance a bit – the band deserved it!

And then it was Friday the 13th and not only Prehistoric Creatures Day but also the 15th Anniversary of Transreal Fiction!
I opened the shop on the equivalent Friday back in 1997! Cake, wine, toasts, discounts, give-a-ways, people I’ve not seen for ages dropping by… Good fun and a great day!

Here’s a picture combining the 2 events, with a couple of dinosaurs joining in eating the anniversary cake!!

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Books? Not read much; a Blaylock novella (The Affair of the Chalk Cliffs); then the new Tim Powers , Hide Me Among the Graves, which took forever to read so I’m now delving back to the beginning of Modesitt‘s Recluce series for a lighter read! I’ve read 2 or 3 of them over the years but never the original that started the 20 year saga! I recently read a short story of his set there  in a small anthology that I quite liked, so I thought I’d check it out… Quite lightweight but very readable.

Days out included trips to Linlithgow and North Berwick and also visiting Duddingston one evening; more details with the appropriate photos in Flickr…


Prehistoric Creature Day, again!

January 13, 2012

Hungry Plesiosaur!

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Yes, it’s Friday the 13th again, so it’s time for a treat!
We invited Dino the glyptodon and Plessy the plesiosaur to join us for breakfast at Peter’s Yard this morning. After a rather chilly walk through the Meadows we got a table towards the back and ordered their breakfast basket, a couple of cardamomn buns and coffees.
All very nice, and they enjoyed their day out.
The glyptodon is actually a toy from a Lucky Bag (if you remember them) which I bought for myself many years ago at Nicholson’s, the local newsagent – maybe 1963 or 4, before I had ever heard of glyptodons and assumed it must be a dinosaur! So I guess it cost me all of 3d, and I got some sweeties for that as well! Plessy joined us much more recently from Deep Sea World at North Queensferry…

And the next Prehistoric Creatures Day is in April… take your prehistoric friends out for a treat!

The original explanation!
And, as ever, there are more photos, of today and previous PCDs,  in my Flickr Stream (link on the right)



Prehistoric Creature May Day

May 14, 2011

Topper Admires a Yale Dinosaur

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So it was a Friday the 13th again yesterday, and that means it was time for another PCD!
I know Madeleine took a couple of prehistoric friends out for cake at a local restaurant but a couple of our other friends went all the way to Yale!!
Or at least they managed to admire the Age of Reptiles mural in the Yale Peabody Museum by Rudolph F. Zallinger, although I have to admit it was an accordian-like version in a book I have at home they admired!
Later thay also posed just like tourists in a museum in front of a large William Stout dinosaur
It should perhaps have been a more exciting day out for them, but I’m sure they enjoyed it as much as previous Prehistoric Creature Days!

Next PCD is in January. Don’t let your prehistoric friends hibernate through all the fun!


Prehistoric Creature Day – August 2010

August 13, 2010

Still Too Hot!

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Once again, the calendar has rolled around to another Friday 13th, and tradition demanded that we took some of our Prehistoric Creatures out for a treat! Much more fun than having bad luck!
Little Yellow and Little Red chummed us round to Olive, a little local coffee shop, where we treated them to breakfast.

They enjoyed their trip out, and made friends with one of the owners, so maybe they’ll go back, or let some other dinosaurs have a chance next May, when it’s that date again!

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Prehistoric Creature Day

November 13, 2009

On-Line Research

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As it’s Friday the 13th again, it’s also Prehistoric Creatures Day again!

As a treat, I let one of the big mammoths run the shop for a while; he spent most of the time online, researching his genealogy!
My Flickr stream has at least one other shot of this November’s PCD, as we also went to a restaurant for breakfast (not with a big mammoth, though!)

There’s a link here to the story behind Prehistoric Creatures Day


Prehistoric Creature Day (again!)

March 13, 2009

So it’s a Friday the 13th again already! Seems like only a few weeks since the last one! And unlike some people expecting bad luck on Friday the 13th, we look forward to it as another Prehistoric Creature Day! 🙂
I’ve still not put up photos of last month’s PCDay – they’re awfully shy sometimes, but that’s not very surprising for critters thought to be extinct! – but today they should be getting cake for tea! There might also be some wine, so who knows what poses we might see them in!

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