Prehistoric Creature Day, again!

January 13, 2012

Hungry Plesiosaur!

Originally uploaded by miketransreal

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th again, so it’s time for a treat!
We invited Dino the glyptodon and Plessy the plesiosaur to join us for breakfast at Peter’s Yard this morning. After a rather chilly walk through the Meadows we got a table towards the back and ordered their breakfast basket, a couple of cardamomn buns and coffees.
All very nice, and they enjoyed their day out.
The glyptodon is actually a toy from a Lucky Bag (if you remember them) which I bought for myself many years ago at Nicholson’s, the local newsagent – maybe 1963 or 4, before I had ever heard of glyptodons and assumed it must be a dinosaur! So I guess it cost me all of 3d, and I got some sweeties for that as well! Plessy joined us much more recently from Deep Sea World at North Queensferry…

And the next Prehistoric Creatures Day is in April… take your prehistoric friends out for a treat!

The original explanation!
And, as ever, there are more photos, of today and previous PCDs,  in my Flickr Stream (link on the right)



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